Tuesday November 9th 2021

Vamos Brandon

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Refining My Personal Keto Diet

I have been eating two meals a day for a while now. The first meal around 10am has been consisting of three eggs covered in extra virgin olive oil and salt then an isopure protein shake with bone broth and Greek yogurt. The second meal 10pm usually includes a chicken thigh quarter, mushrooms, broccoli and some spinach with 2Table spoons of butter and an 1oz of Extra Virgin Olive oil. I have been getting amazing results as far as body composition and fat loss.

I do get hungry around 5pm but I just sip a bit of water and that seems to satiate my mind. I usually actually feel the hunger and rejoice in the thought that my body is going to use the stores of energy that has been put there for this exact reason.

Fasting is good.