Monday June 14 2021

What one thing could you do that you would do to make your life better today?

Ribs!, and eggs was my dinner the last couple of days. I use my crockpot for the ribs 3hrs on low and 1hr on high then keep warm till it was time to eat. I have a Dash egg cooker from Target that has been working great for my eggs.

School propagandists something I have experienced first hand.

A random vegetable heavy lunch today, I’m trying to replace nutrients from extra physical activities and the hot humid weather.

Eggs, Cheese, Broccoli and Yellow Squash

I cooked the eggs separately in my egg cooker and the veggies in the crockpot on high for about 45 minutes. Next time an hour will probably make the broccoli a bit softer it wasn’t thoroughly cooked. The squash was perfect.

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