My Health Journey

I work at a Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel and Day Care and sometimes have to medicate animals with special needs that stay there. I had never tested blood glucose until a diabetic spaniel came to stay at the kennel. To learn how to do the test I tried it on my self and found that my blood sugar was actually higher than it should have been. So began my journey of a healthy diet. At that time my diet had usually consisted of one sixteen ounce energy drink, two energy bars, and then a bowl of rice with some meat or A convenience store Hamburger or burrito. After a bit of Research I decided to switch to whole foods that were low on the glycemic index and I pretty much became a vegetarian for a few weeks. I began tracking my macro nutrients and found that I was not hitting my protein goals and I was losing weight and everyone said that I looked terrible. I kept researching blood glucose and health and watched a lot of Youtube and eventually found myself avoiding Sugar and Carbs altogether. These days I’m pretty much a Carnivore eating meat and Fat and implementing intermittent fasting. Taking these steps has put my glucose level at the strived for 100 range and I feel great.

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