Old Money Bags, Snatching Swindled Hordes and Pocketing Surplus Filched Capital

I’ve been listening to Das Capital by Karl Marx for the purpose of knowing about Marxism. It’s definitely a chore to force myself to listen to this many hours of information that is not interesting to me. I feel like the term “Marxism” has been used so much that I just need a first hand account of exactly what Marxian economics is. According to some other books I digested His ideas being implemented killed about 100 Million people and I feel that, that is a good reason for acquiring some knowledge about the Nefarious Karl Marx and Frederick Engles.

Volume 1 was mostly about why Marx hates industrial capitalists and lots of examples of terrible factory working conditions in that era. The actual writing flow and language of this portion was ok and made you feel for the workers and fomented hatred of the capitalist.

In the middle of vol 2 there is a foot note by Engles saying that he omitted equations due to Marx not being very good at complicated math.

The last chapter of vol 3 is an explanation by Engles saying that he wrote two chapters in vol 3, organized and edited vol 2 and 3… In my opinion that means Marx really isn’t to blame for 100 Million Deaths due to bad policy Fredrick Engles is.

My final analysis is that the whole of the work is just a fanciful piece of 💩 crap. I think they tried to model the world with an outcome already in mind. I’m pretty sure in science that is called a confirmation bias.