I have an idea brewing relating to symptoms of ideology in guise of “dog behavior”.

Can a political personality of a dog owner be determined by the behaviors of their dog?

Dogs learn through association, is a brute fact as far as I know.

When humans unintentionally teach their dog to bark repeatedly for what ever it is that they want, they have conditioned an unnatural behavior.

I truly believe that a dog that won’t stop barking until it gets what it wants is the result of the manifestation of the oedipal mother complex in its most raw form.

Where does the “overprotective mother” fall on the political spectrum?

What daily physical behaviors embody the ideology of the political spectrum?

I’m sure some personality types won’t be pet owners for various reasons.? This idea is probably worth exploring in itself and I bet there are some data out there somewhere about it already.

This article seems to fit the current topic and zeitgeist…

Olive oil, pork, cabbage, Turkey broth with fat, more olive oil, salt… a lot. Dinner